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Selecting The Right Basement Dehumidifier For You 
by Mandy Fain

One of the biggest problems with basements in some homes is that they end up trapping moisture resulting in mold growing and the room developing a very musty smell. You can protect your basement from succumbing to such culprits by installing a dehumidifier.

It works to reduce the amount of moisture in the room by running the air over a refrigerated metal coil with an attached fan. As the air loses the ability to hold the water it is drained into the base of the dehumidifier.

The air then runs over warm metal coils before it is released back into the air. Not all dehumidifiers are the same so you need to do your homework before you simply buy one off the shelf. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you will need to select one that is going to fit in the area you have designated for it. Larger dehumidifiers use less energy and the dry the air out much faster. This is because a small dehumidifier will have to run continuously for long periods of time to give you the same results.

As the moist air is dried out the extracted moisture has to be collected and you will need to decide which drain option works best for you. This catch area will have to be emptied periodically or your dehumidifier will shut off until you do. If you choose a large dehumidifier the water catch may end up being very heavy if you don't dump it out before it gets full. You can also set it up to drain into a bucket or a sink in the basement area.

It is important that you keep the coils clean on your dehumidifier or it won't work properly. You should also keep dust and smoke away from it as well. You can choose to run your dehumidifier all year long or only during particular times of the year depending on the weather.

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