Some Things to Think about when Building a Rec Room Bar

Some Things to Think about when Building a Rec Room Bar
By Robert Berg

The first thing to think about when building a rec room bar is space and size. Most bars are approximately 43 inches high and 42 inches deep. This can vary however depending on the height of the bar stools you plan on using. When building a rec room bar, you will also need to frame the bar and leave enough space between the bar and the back wall. Generally speaking, when building a rec room bar, 4 feet should be enough room for any bartender.

he next thing to think about when building a rec room bar is plumbing. You will need to have plumbing installed that can give you both hot and cold water, as well as an effective drainage system. Also, you may need to take electrical considerations into mind depending on what you already do or don’t have in your rec room. This means that you may need special wiring done for any outlets and/or lighting and wall switches – especially when it comes to lighting for the under bar and bar top.
            It has been said by many that when building a rec room bar, the bar top is the most difficult part. Very often, bar tops are constructed in layers using varying materials. Experts recommend oak as the material of choice.
            The under bar is almost equal in importance to the bar top when building a rec room bar. This is where you are going to prepare drinks and store any ingredients and tools you need. When building the under bar, be sure to account for cabinets and the sink(s). Lastly, make sure you allow enough space for the back bar – where the liquor is kept.

Basement Flooring Ideas and Tips

  • penetrating Sealers are probably the most common finish on residential floors. Sealers are usually thinned varnishes which, when applied to wood, penetrate into the wood pores on the surface.

  • Remember that water seeks its lowest point (the basement).

  • Varying shades of red, blue, yellow, orange, and green add color and character to this notoriously dark room

  • throw down some unique rugs to add texture and variety. Repaint the walls and put up new artwork

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