How to Install Flooring in Your Basement

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How to Install Flooring in Your Basement It can be a challenge to turn that hard, cold concrete floor in the basement into a floor that is warm and inviting. The good news is that there are several different options including painting the floor colorful patterns.

Basement Tips

  • Diverting water away from the foundation of the house is the first step towards waterproofing the basement.

  • Keep a keen eye for any damp spots. Any sign of mold or mildew is indicative of moisture.

  • A leaky basement will give off an unpleasant odor and harbor small insects in nooks and crevices.

  • Some professionals suggest you should open up the stairwell and install a banister because a basement typically features stairwells that are enclosed. By opening up the basement stairwell you remove some of the basement like atmosphere.

  • A wet basement leads to many problems including the growth of bacteria and mold which can be quite harmful to your health.
  • This isn't a good choice though if moisture collects on the floor. This will result in the paint peeling and it won't look nice at all. Another option is installing soft carpet but again it won't work well if you have the water issue to deal with. This will result in the carpet becoming molding and eventually rotting.

    Since moisture is such a big concern to deal with it is a good idea to try to eliminate that issue to begin with. This can be accomplished by laying covering from felt or polystyrene over the concrete. It can be rolled out to about four inches extra on the sides that can be trimmed away later. Add a sub floor or either wood or plywood on top of it to prevent the moisture from getting in. This will allow you the freedom to do what ever you want with the flooring in your basement.

    Some people enjoy using ceramic tiles because they look very nice but they will leave the floor feeling cold. Laminates work quite well for basement floors because they keep the moisture out and they are offered in a variety of finishes. If your basement doesn't have heat then a radiant floor heating system and a wooden floor may work well for you.

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