Dig Basement Under Existing House

Dig Basement Under Existing House

I think it’s time to dig the basement under my existing house. I could use the extra space but I’m hesitating because it’s a lot of work. Currently the depth of my basement makes it tough to use as livable space. I don’t bump my head but if I was an inch taller I would, so gaining an extra couple of feet would help a lot.

Basement Flooring Ideas and Tips

  • If you are repairing or remodeling walls and floors, you will need a few tools. If the walls are, in the basement, you will need stiff-bristled brushes, wire brush, and heavy-duty paintbrushes if you mission is to protect the walls.

  • To protect the paint you will need paint stirrer, stiff-bristled paintbrush, wire brush, drill that attaches to a wheel made of wire and for materials, you will need a few items including masonry primer.

  • Moisture problems may be tough to fix. Water is persistent and can make its way through the basement walls that are considered permeable.

  • An easy way to test water problems is to tape a piece of aluminum foil to various places on the basement walls and floors.

I’ve already got a rear stairwell that makes it handy to get into the backyard and garden. I just need to dig the basement under my existing house to create my dream basement….

For now it’s just a dream. The basement already needs lots of work. It needs a new bathroom, new windows, some waterproofing, new wiring, some insulation and a way to deal with all the humidity. With all that work to do I thought tearing it out and starting from scratch might be easier/

I started my quest with a call to a contractor…

Me: I need to dig a basement under an existing house
Contractor: You can’t do that by yourself
Me: Why not?
Contractor: It’s complicated and you’ll wreck your house
Me: How much
Contractor: at least $20 grand
Me: OK, so I’ll dig a basement under my existing house by myself

My wife didn’t think it was such a good idea….

Wife: You can’t dig a basement under our existing house!
Me: Please?
Wife: You’re nuts.

So it looks like I’ll just have to fix the bathroom, windows, leaks, wiring, insulation and humidity, because I can’t dig a basement under my existing house.

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