Basement Renovations

Basement Renovations : Some Words of Caution

When we think of basement renovations, usually we’re contemplating something more extensive than remodelling, as renovations can often involve structural changes or additions. Here’s a bit of safety advice from the Canadian government for do-it-yourselfers who are eager to dive into their basement renovations:

Basement Tips

  • the first step in basement renovations is to measure your existing basement

  • Depending on the size of the basement, the designer may use different scales. The most common scale is 1/4" per foot.

  • Each province is regulated by a provincial building code, based either in full or in part, on the model National Building Code, developed by the Canadian Codes Centre of the Institute for Research in Construction (part of the National Research Council).

  • The average cost of building a home can vary greatly depending on the style of house, materials used, level of finish and other factors.
  • Provide adequate temporary lighting

  • Keep yourself and the insulation materials away from sources of heat, such as the flue pipe of the furnace

  • Watch out for older wiring, such as the knob-and-tube type, that may be in poor condition”
basement renovations
Basement Renovations

Adequate lighting and updated wiring in your plans will be a concern to a professional contractor too, should you choose to hire one.

If you are in need of general contractors or basement renovation specialists, you are in luck.

From an experienced remodeller come these tips:

  • Any lighting fixture that hangs down below the ceiling is taking up valuable headroom if ceiling height is an issue. In these cases, consider pot lights, floor and table lamps.

  • If a home theatre system is a part of your plan, pay close attention to its electrical needs in case existing wiring isn’t adequate.

Carefully plan where expensive new items like a theatre system will be placed. In the event of a leak from above, it’s not advisable to put them under areas where kitchen sinks, refrigerators or bathrooms reside.

If your basement is in need of a cleanup within the Toronto or GTA area, a junk removal Mississauga team help with the labour involved in the cleaning process.