• Recreation Room Ideas

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  • Basement Spaces Bar: Do It Yourself


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  • Recreation Room Decorating

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  • Rec Room Remodel

    A rec room remodel can add value to your both your home and your home life. If you are planning a rec room remodel, you can do yourself a world of good by investing time in the planning process. … more

  • Insulated Subfloor

       An insulated subfloor is essentially the ‘floor-below-the floor’; it is perhaps one of the easiest ways to lower heating bills while keeping a basement warm. Even if … more

  • Insulated Subfloor Panels

    Insulated subfloor panels are the panels used in constructing insulated sub-floors. As any home professional, or anyone who has had them installed can attest to, an insulated sub-floor is a necessary … more

  • Insulated Basement Systems

       Insulated basement systems for both floors and walls have long sought to combat the effects of moisture within the home.  Insulated basement systems for floors has taken the … more

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  • Some Things to Think about when Building a Rec Room Bar

    Some Things to Think about when Building a Rec Room BarBy Robert Berg

    The first thing to think about when building a rec room bar is space and size. Most bars are approximately 43 inches high and 42 … more

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    Basement Wall Finishing

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  • Dig Basement Under Existing House

    Dig Basement Under Existing House

    I think it’s time to dig the basement under my existing house. I could use the extra space but I’m hesitating because it’s a lot of work. … more

  • Ideas For Decorating A Small Basement

    Ideas For Decorating A Small Basement by Lee Dobbins

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  • Equity Is Released

    Equity Is Released

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  • Basement Subfloor System

    A friend recently learned the hard way why basement subfloor system are used. She laid down an expensive laminate and ceramic tiles, as part of a complete renovation of her century home’s … more

  • Basement Wall Panels

    Basement Wall Panels vs Stud Walls

    Whether you are a professional contractor or budget conscious do-it-yourselfer like me, affixing basement wall panels to foundation interiors is a great solution … more

  • Basement Renovations

    Basement Renovations : Some Words of Caution

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  • Basement Remodelling Ideas

    Simple basement remodelling ideas give new life to an old space

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  • Basement Insulation

    The scary truth about wet basement insulation

    Before choosing the best basement insulation method for your walls and floor, check out these startling facts about moisture:

    Basement Flooring Ideas … more

  • Basement Flooring Ideas

    Basement Flooring Ideas

    Basement flooring ideas and choices are as abundant as wall coverings. The wide range you could consider might include:

    painting the cement

    wood or hardwood

    floating … more